Friday, April 22, 2011

Holy cow, it's been a week! (...91 days)

My belt is tightening.  I don't mean I'm spending less.  I am, but it's normal for me to spend consciously.  Yesterday, for example, I was like a PI in the spice isle at Stop & Shop, scrutinizing the cost of McCormick's Rosemary and the Spice Islands brand (McCormick's was the winner).  What I mean is literally my belt is tightening.  The stress of this last week has caused me to shed 3 lbs.  Even though I feel somewhat calm about being laid off, under the surface it's nonstop on my mind.

I know at some point I will be used to my new routine.  The practical matters of being laid off (insurance changes, retirement plan, unemployment application) will have been addressed.  It won't feel unexpected to have my whole day to myself.  And I'll have settled into a targeted job search.  But right now, the layoff is on my mind.  Nonstop.  I'm eating whole foods.  The last three evenings I've even had ice cream for dessert, topped with a scoop of cereal.  It's perfect comfort food!  But still, I've shrunk just a little bit.  And I think it must be the stress I feel.  I hope that shrinks too so I can be energetic about the job hunt ahead.

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