Saturday, April 23, 2011

My New Office (...90 days)

No, not a new job yet.  THIS is my new office: the dining room.  Sometimes the living room.  Sometimes my favorite coffee shop, True Grounds.  And these are pictures of my classic (as of a week) blogger face.  It's also my post-yoga-not-yet-showered-researching-health-care-options-on-a-saturday-afternoon-into-the-evening face.  Check out the dri fit athletic shirt topped off with a pashmina.  I'm thinking I look...comfortable.  And smelly.  Check out the nearly finished pot of coffee.  I may be under hydrated.  And also check out how much this is not like any of those glossy fashionista blog photos showing a gal wearing stylish apparel and polished makeup.  My bum hurts from sitting too long and I need food and a break.

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