Friday, April 29, 2011

Taking care of Royal Busyness (...84)

Over the last week I became distracted by all the Royal Wedding business.  Last night while eating dinner I was channel flipping between “E,” “20/20” and another news show to see all the pomp and circumstance planned for today’s ceremony.  I taped the morning shows covering the live wedding and watched them at 9am for 3 hours.  It was perfect entertainment while I took care of business for the day.  Here’s what that covered:

Waiting for two plumbers to replace a pipe from which the entire building’s water supply was flowing freely into the basement out of a 6-inch hole.  This sounds worse than it turned out to be. 

 Clearing out and rearranging the shelves in my condo to make a space for my new printer and other supplies.  It's the start of a small at home office.  It won't look like a page from Real Simple with the ubiquitous magnetic containers of paper clips and tacks hanging on the mall. This will be more like a den of supplies I can pull out during the day and hide away at night.

Printing and filling out my COBRA application.  As interesting as it sounds.

Baking another loaf of bread (the 4th since I’ve been laid off).  The smell, the taste, and the bread-baking process are soooooooo pleasing to me.  And a soothing way to counteract laptop fatigue and hunger pangs.

After these little missions were complete, I took a walk in the sun to soak up desperately needed Vitamin D.  It was an unusually warm, 70 degree, gorgeous April day that made being laid off a little more tolerable.

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