Monday, April 18, 2011

Layoff Talk (...95 days)

Coffee Talk Layoff Talk with Linda Richman  Lisa O’Malley: Welcome to Layoff Talk I'm your host Mary. On this show we talk about layoffs, Bahston, pahties, and the red sahx, you know no big whoop just Layoff Talk.

Since being laid off three days ago, I’ve heard nothing but others’ talk about being laid off.  Among my group of family and friends I know at least 9 people who have been laid off at some point in their careers.  I think this used to be the worst thing that ever happened in people’s careers, but now it seems commonplace.  In fact, most people I talk to don’t act shocked.  Friends are concerned and offer to be a resource, but they view it as more of an opportunity than a burden.  Their positive layoff experiences are encouraging to me.

“Studies show that most people who have gotten laid off, move on to other opportunities and report (after one year) that they are happy it happened and that they have found themselves in a much more fulfilling work situation.”

That’s wicked good news!!

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