Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Big Floor Reveal! (...2)

How's this for a before and after picture series?  I think pretty darn spectacular!

Before...crud and dirt and stains and muck...

In comes the Clarke sander...as well as a few other large tools...

After a day of sanding, the floors are a lovely blonde caramel color!  I'm stunned and so happy with how much was able to be cleaned off these 100 plus year old floors.

Glossy and gorgeous now with 1 coat of polyurethan.  More coats tomorrow.  The kitchen, plantry, and back hall are aglow with their face lift!  Now all my other wood floors look tired and weary.  

The home rehab never ends...


  1. Wow, the floor looks amazing now, I am very impressed!

  2. Yes, Alex, you'd be stunned to see it in person. Nothing like what it was!