Monday, July 18, 2011

When Did the Ruskin Project Become the Kitchen Project? (...3)

Renovation work has taken over my days.  That's obvious looking at the last many posts.  I'll have to get back to Ruskin work post blog (or new blog...?).

I spent nine hours today working in the kitchen (pant).  Everything from pulling up floorboard trim in the pantry (very laborious work  when it's put in before the floor boards are!), sanding, vacuuming, and cleaning windows.  I spent two of these hours removing the last bit of glued on laminate that was on the floor beneath the old cabinets.  It wasn't essential to remove, since it should be covered by new cabinets, but I want the area I'm setting the new cabinets on to be as level as possible.  The layer of glue, backing board and laminate was warped and bubbly so I think it was better to remove it and have it refinished along with the rest of the floor.

Armed with two large wet towels to soak the area, a sharp edged spackle knife for scraping, and paper towels to collect the gunk, I went to battle.    It was a fight!  The process is exhausting, as you may be able to see in the pictures.  First, soak towels and lay them on the laminate.  Next, lift up wet sections and scrape a layer.  Repeat.  Scrape the next layer.

Stubborn sections require sweat, tears, and a few curse words.

Finally, the wood is revealed.  I've said this several times before:  I cannot wait to see what this looks like refinished!!  Just a few more days before the dirt and dust layer is sanded away, polished up, and made to shine...

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