Sunday, July 3, 2011

Found: Old Tools (...18)

Antiquing in Newfane, VT today with friends.  We're not avid antiquers, we just enjoy seeing some of the items people have collected.  Once in a while we find something neat for decorative display or something functional at a better price than if you were to buy it new.  I'm looking for unique wine glasses and a decanter.  I'd like to find some chairs to reupholster myself and I'd be happy to find a large glass ice pitcher.  None were found at the Newfane Flea Market, supposedly the largest flea market in Vermont, but we enjoyed seeing what was on display. 

A massive rain storm in the morning encouraged many vendors to pack up and leave the muddy field.  We did a pretty quick tour of the tables that were left, but didn't buy anything.

I was struck with a strong memory of childhood when I saw this sleeve board.  I clearly recall my mom having one of these.  Really neat to see this!

I won't be buying any of these.  I've got enough to recycle at home.

Beautiful hammers?  For some reason they strike me as attractive, lovely tools.

This collection reminds me of how much yard work there is to do when I return to Somerville.

I'm not sure why it's interesting to see several of the same kind of item in a row or a pile, but it catches my eye for some reason.  Maybe it's noticing the similarities and differences in shape, despite the fact that each is the same type of tool.

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