Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bikes, Cukes, and Yoga (...11)

A picture is worth a thousand words...This almost looks like an odd Easter Basket, nestled in the grass, waiting for a child to find it.

I'll tell you about this picture.  Today I slept longer than planned, rushed out of bed, made a quick omelet and pot of coffee, and then hopped on my bike to go to Lincoln, MA where the Decordova Museum was having outdoor yoga.  It's about 15 miles from my house, so I sprinted to get there on time, only to realize they were behind schedule.  I got to rest for 10 minutes and then set up my mat, with about 50 other yogis, on the grass, under the trees and sun to do an hour class. It was fabulous.  Fab-u-lous. It was really wonderful, peaceful, and lovely smelling the air and the ground and hearing music along with the breeze.

The museum has an outdoor sculpture garden with a variety of large installations.  We spread our yoga mats out in a field in front of the the Two Big Black Hearts.  This sculpture is by Jim Dine.  It's tough to see in this picture, but when you walk close up, you can see the heart is made up of various objects, like large tools, faces, and shells, all cast in iron.

Now to explain the cukes in the picture.  My friend showed up with some cucumbers from his garden for me.  They barely fit in my small bike bag, but I crammed them in and biked back home with these lovely, green, backyard garden veggies.  A bike ride, getting bendy outdoors in front of two gigantic hearts, and fresh veggies made for a perfect Sunday morning!

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