Friday, July 15, 2011

Plaster, Trees, and Granite...Oh My! (...6)

Today was the 2nd day of wall work.  Not my work...I leave the wallboard and plastering to the pros.  I'd like to be skilled in this area.  Sure, I could hang wallboard, but since this kitchen wall job requires the walls and ceilings to be attacked with all level of skill, I leave this job to the people who can do it fast, do it well, and make it look superb.  I'm thrilled with how things look on day 2!  The walls and ceilings are looking smooooooth!  It makes me antsy to get my paws on a bucket of paint!

With no access to a stove today I headed out for breakfast and went for a bike ride.  Get a load of these gorgeous trees above me on my way back from Concord, MA!

On my way home I took a swing by the place I'm getting my granite from, Empire Marble and Granite, a remnant dealer in Somerville.  It's the same place I found a remnant for my bathroom and they offer a fantastic deal on the stone, templating, and install.  I wasn't absolutely positive about my selection the first time and wanted to take another look, but I've concluded it is the best choice since the piece is large enough to cover the counters, island, and pantry.

Here I am standing in front of the slab of stone...but the image doesn't reveal the true granite color, black.  I think I'd like it better if it was this gray mottled color...

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