Friday, July 1, 2011

I Should Call Him My iPal (...20)

Alex, my dearest housemate who is leaving July 5th, gave me quite a thank you gift today.  An iPad!  What a fun and fantastic gift!  It came with a requirement:  He said I had to promise him I would "plug my iPad into my computer at least once after iOS 5 is out (this fall), so that you never have to plug it again after that!"  He's become aware of my poor habit of never plugging my iPhone in to back it up. Thus, his requirement.  I replied to him with the official Apple swear:  "I swear on my iPhone that I will plug in my iPad once after iOS 5 is out."

I have a new name for Alex.  He is my iPal!  Not only is he a great friend who I've been so lucky to live with the past three years, but he keeps a close and careful eye on all my Apple products.

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