Monday, June 27, 2011

The Bachelorette is Key (...24)

Yes, I watch this show.  No, it's not good tv.  But, and this is important, it is going to be my key to surviving kitchen renovation overwhelmed-ness.  I'm already overwhelmed, a week in, with putting all the contractor schedules in motion.  Looking at my timeline, functional plumbing instead of my forever dripping and leaking sink, is two weeks away.  It's the same wait for new outlets and switches, including a switch (finally) for the overhead light that is NOT all the way across the room from the entryway.  Sanded floors?  Cabinets?  Three weeks.  Countertop installation?  Likely to happen near the end of July.  And I have hours of sanding, caulking, priming, and painting ahead.

I'm enjoying planning and scheduling this project.  My head isn't spinning, it's dancing.  There's an excitement about the changes and impending "after" state of the kitchen.  But this week I've got a long to do list that doesn't even include the kitchen project.  All good stuff to do and all stuff I want to do, but even with no job, I'm not sure how to do it all.

So, for a mental break I turn to Ashley and her men.  I hate Bentley and can't wait for tonight's episode when Ashley finally discovers his devil inside.  I adore Ben F. (favorite!) and Ames and J.P.  Maybe.  For now.  I may dump them soon.  Blake?  Eeeewwah.  Who knows what I'll find out about them tonight!  I'm sure Chris Harrison will say it's going to be the most dramatic episode.  Thank goodness, because Ashley's drama makes my kitchen chaos feel like a piece of cake.

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