Friday, June 3, 2011

Laid Off Plank (...48)

A few days ago my dear mother sent this picture to my sister and I with this explanation:
"Well - the angels said they were not afraid to try planking at all. The goose had a little trouble balancing but said he also was not afraid of heights."
Goose and angel planking

My mother isn't nuts, she's just joining in on the latest craze, planking.  Check out this video and be sure to watch until the very end:

Soooooo, last night at my book club, my sister got a picture of us all planking:

Book club planking

To "officially" plank, you need to take a picture of yourself totally stiff with a blank face and name the pose.  I want to contribute to this hysterical trend, so I'm sharing a picture of myself.  It's called "Laid off plank."

Laid off plank

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