Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Can Relate to This (...50)

My mom sent this link to a tweet by Rob Pegoraro, who I wrote about in early May.

He tweeted:
"Dentist asked if I was still grinding my teeth. I said I didn't think I was - then realized I've had fewer reasons to since a month ago."

I know that feeling.  I've never been told by my dentist that I grind my teeth, but I certainly find some of my own stress habits have lifted a bit.  Cuticle-picking, for example.  I don't know when my fingers have looked so nice.  I don't get manicures and they look...well, just plainly intact.  That's a remarkable thing for me.  They're never really bad.  They're not red, raw, and awful looking, but they're never pretty. Now, they are pretty.  I'm fearful this will come to an end soon, though.  My fingers could soon be returning to an unpleasant, less than lovely, not laid off state.  Job possibilities, the kind of things I'm not as interested in doing, are rearing their ugly selves.  I should not lament this.  I don't want to turn down work that I can do for work that I hope to do, but am not yet clear how to do or where to find's impractical and maybe irresponsible.  If I start working, how do I retain my goal of finding more satisfying work?  This is a very important question.  I'm worrying that I won't be able to keep my initial "Ruskin Project" goals in sight if I take something full time right away.  The idea of losing sight of it makes me unhappy.  Here goes my pretty fingers...

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