Saturday, June 25, 2011

Behind Every Wall Part Two (...26)

Is four other layers?  Yes, indeed, in my house...from out to in:
5. 1/2" wallboard
4.  Flower wallpaper
3.  Yellow wallpaper
2.  Masonite
1.  Plaster and beadboard

Underneath it all is the ever predictable lathe which I, for some reason, like seeing.  I've dug to this level in every room so far.  It's at this depth that I take a step back and I go all the way, or do I remain on the surface and do what I call "patch and pretty" the room.  It's not my ideal, but it's probably the best tactic for this house.  Today I realized I have to look at this as "flipping" the kitchen, like when you flip a house, quickly and budget-consciously...

There's a ton of labor and strategizing to do with this kitchen project.  I'm in my own little episode of This Old House this month.

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