Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Plumbing Perils and Progress (...22)

I like the sight of new plumbing.  A lot.  The first time I saw the new plumbing with easy hot/cold shutoff valves installed for my bathroom renovation, I was filled with joy.  There's a lot of great things about my old house, but the plumbing isn't one of them.  It could be worse.  I've never had my pipes freeze or experienced any flooding.  I had only one clog in the tub but draino and a new trap took care of that issue.  However, anytime I've had a plumber by for an estimate they say very grumpily "we don't like these old copper pipes!" or "This isn't up to code!"  Yeah, no kidding. The house is over 100 years old.

The past two days I've felt a little bullied by the plumbers.  I don't understand their attitude.  They reviewed the job weeks ago, told me the possible challenges, and gave me the cost, but when they arrived to work this week, it was nothing but groans, complaints, and more talk of the old copper pipes.  Isn't this a plumber's job?

Yesterday's big plumbing day was a success, I'm relieved to write.  The washer and dryer drain was installed form my 3rd floor condo to the basement.  The kitchen sink was plumbed.  The gas line was sunk into the wall so my stove doesn't have to be 6" away from the wall, as it was before.  Today there's a few more hours of plumbing work and phase 1 is done.

Here's a look at the sink wall progress!

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