Monday, June 13, 2011

Heavenly Food and Drink (aka post hike eating) (...38)

From the start of our hike home, we talked most about what warm drinks and sweet eats we would get when we got back home.  A warm drink seems like a luxurious treat after a cold night and cold morning.  I thought most of hot coffee, eggs, and toast.  Bill talked about hot chocolate and omelets.  We had just these things at the Tilton Diner, a favorite spot, in New Hampshire, about an hour from the mountains where we hiked.  This place is meant to look like it's right out of the 50s.  The waitresses are peppy and sweet, calling us "Darlin'" and asking "Are you happy now, Sweetheart?" referring to your meal.  We weren't at our most impressive with messy, matted looking hair, dirt on our face and clothes, and noticeable body odor, but customers at the counter chatted with us interestedly about our hike.

In the evening, too fatigued to make diner, we went to The RepublicWow, this place is GREAT!  It's my favorite place in Manchester now.  A cafe slash bar slash bistro, I'd call it.  The food is local, there's an ever changing chalkboard menu of specials, and the inside is beautifully done.  Tall ceilings have been stripped to reveal old wide beams.  Old fashioned looking fans and light are hung in a line along the booths and large paintings are displayed high on a ridge along the restaurant walls. 

In the mood for something rich and fatty with protein, I ordered the Falafel Fried Cod with cut fries. So good.  Bill had the Hake with kale.  So good.  We almost fell out of our seats over how good the food was. And because we sharied a bottle of wine.  This wine is one to write down.  It was a Cote du Rhone called Le Pas de la Beaume.  So very good and delicious (hiccup).

Le Pas de la Beaume

Capping off our gluttonous dinner, we drank coffee and ate biscotti...chocolate dipped fresh baked biscotti! 

So good. So good.

Tired hiker Bill...

Hot and steaming coffee from The Republic, Manchester, NH

A harrowing hike followed by a great meal makes me feel like a Queen.  The food, the wine, the biscotti for dessert felt that luxurious after sleeping on a hard surface in the cold.  It reminds me that I do not want to be unemployed for long.  I like having a roof over my head.  I like good food, my bed, and heat.  I like choosing to rough it sometimes and to be pampered other times.  I like having choices.

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