Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Host a Party During a Kitchen Reno? Why Not? (...23)

Alex, my dearest housemate of 3 years, is heading back home to Paris, France in a week.  His Bon Voyage party was today.  My kitchen renovation is terrible timing for having a get together.  But, no matter, Alex, his girlfriend Anais, and I shopped for groceries, set up a food table amidst our makeshift kitchen, the dining room, and BBQ'd on the back porch. 

Several of Alex's coworkers and friends gathered to wish him a safe and happy return trip.  Despite the dishwasher and microwave sitting amongst our guests in the living room and despite the lack of counter space to prep our food, we made it work.  Our guests were well fed and laughing a lot, which is, of course, key to an enjoyable soiree amongst wreckage.

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