Monday, June 20, 2011

Shelves Beyond My Reach (...31)

It's all about the kitchen this week at my house.  I'm tossing a lot, selling what I can, and making a dozen trips up and down 3 sets of stairs to store the contents of my kitchen and pantry in the basement.  Currently, I don't have a ton of storage in my kitchen, but I have a good amount in my pantry.  There is a charm to my pantry, with it's old wood shelves and base unit with traditional drawer pulls.  It has a practical purpose too, of course  Until I emptied it yesterday, I hadn't realized how much stuff I'd managed to store in there.  Originally, when assessing my kitchen renovation options, I considered tearing this little room down. 

I'm glad I've decided to keep it, but I'm still not sure how I'm going to address the deteriorating horsehair plaster walls and warped shelves.  When I try to decide on how to approach a home project, my "step 1" is always fantasy!  I look at all the pictures I've torn out of magazines or saved from the internet and think about what I'd ideally like to do.  Here are a few of my favorite shelving looks:

Cleverly integrated into the wall with two different shelving depths.

Nice support brackets.  I could do something like this!

My favorite, floor to ceiling...if only...

Neat wood base and backsplash.

My pantry in a charming state...
My pantry, in disarray above, is empty now.  The drawers are out and the doors will be removed tomorrow.  I'm sure I can harness enough DIY energy to make my own shelves.  What I dream of and what's practical are far different.  I'm going for budget friendly and functional for this renovation.  Plain, unpainted wood and black brackets on white walls could look great, similar to the second picture.  Look out for a hopefully stunning "after" picture of the pantry!

Note:  I've had the pictures above so long, I unfortunately am unable to provide a source.

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