Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Puttering Around Like I'm Unemployed...oh yeah, I am. (...37)

Today is one of those days I feel like I'm not doing enough on the job-search-career analysis-reading-and-research front.  But, I'm grateful for the time to do errands, research home renovation plans, cook, and simply read a good novel. 

I've almost reached my age in days left until my severance pay ends.  As I get closer to being without a full weekly paycheck, I'm not as worried as perhaps I should be.  I'm hoping not to hit a nail-biting, cuticle-picking, nervous and anxious period soon.  I want to retain the feeling I have that things will work out well one way or another if I keep doing what I like to do to learn what I could do for work.  So far, I'm enjoying this time to try a few new things, explore what it is that I'd like to do for work, and take time for some important hobbies.  Just like the weather tomorrow, so many things about the future are truly unpredictable.  I like what's been falling into my lap so far during this time, so I'll keep chuggin' along hoping I learn what I need to and find a satisfying place for myself in the work world.

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