Monday, June 6, 2011

I'd Like a Do Over, Please (...45)

If I could have a do over for college, I think I would study engineering or computer science.  I was an English major because I liked literature and enjoyed reading, writing about, and discussing it.  But if I could choose now, I think I'd study other interests.  All day I've been working on the web site for the biz venture.  I admit what I'm doing is small potatoes compared to what my software engineer housemate does on a daily basis, but what strikes me is how much I like doing the work I'm doing:  watching how-to tutorials, writing code, and problem-solving.  It's the problem-solving that I find so engaging which makes me think I'd like a do over.  But instead, since that's not an option, I think I should leverage this interest and experience in whatever it is I do next.  It can't hurt to know how to design and code a simple, clean, well functioning web site!

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