Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cobbler and Coding (...51)

Today moved along at a rapid fire pace.  After a welcome rest this weekend, I got down to business when I woke up this morning.  One thing I've learned about getting my to-dos done is to finish the least desirable things first.  That doesn't always happen, but I try to make it happen.  It spurs me on to do everything else.  Today, that's just what I did.  After doing the things I had to get to, there were two things I wanted to get to:
  1. Continue to learn PHP to do web pages for the biz venture
  2. Bake peach cobbler
I have no pictures to share of PHP code.  Luckily, finally, thankfully, I was able to see a web page successfully in my browser (thank you, Alex!).  I'd been watching tutorials, following examples, and seeing nothing but 404 Errors.  It turns out I was doing my work without saving the pages to my server folder...amateur mistake.  That, and I had some errors in my code...I'm learning.

I do have pictures of the peach cobbler!  I'm not sharing the recipe, however... it's not worth repeating.  It tasted good at 9:30pm when my head hurt from trying to learn PHP and I needed a boost of energy, but it isn't so good that I'll make it again.
Almond flour, yogurt, and honey crust covered with peaches, cinnamon, butter, and honey.
Ta dah!

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