Saturday, May 28, 2011

Timing is Everything (...54)

Last night brought me to Boston where the Common was filled with Memorial Day flags.  I've seen pictures of this scene in the Boston Globe but never happened to be there in person.  It was a stunning site.  Unfortunately this picture doesn't quite capture the vibrant red, white, and blue:
Memorial Day flags on Boston Common

Timing is everything.  Last night a series of odd mishaps turned messed up plans into a fun and funny evening.  First, we headed to the city for a movie.  It was sold out.  Next plan:  Head back to the car in search of a Frisbee, which I was certain was in my car trunk.  Nope.  Next plan:  Find a bar and share a drink.  This could have worked but our path was changed when homeless gal stopped us to share a very interesting story about how her purse was stolen while she was in the hospital getting a leg brace and needed money for a train ticket.  If only her eyes and face hadn't betrayed her inebriated, drugged state, we'd have donated to her cause.  She quickly became unhappy with us.  As we crossed the street to escape her angry ranting, we saw a wine shop.  Next plan:  buy a bottle and snacks and lounge on the common!  Here's where the timing of our mishaps became key....As we exited the shop with our purchases, our friend Trish biked up to the crosswalk!  Next thing you know, we're all on the common, brown-bagging it with wine, beer, delicious cheese, salty nuts, and a lot of laughing.  And on top of that, 2 other pals walked over to join us.  It all reminded me why I love Boston...a city with so much to see and do but where I can run into friends almost everywhere.

Genius:  "Flasq" is a small bottle of wine, perfect for a spontaneous picnic.
Pretty ironwork in the Boston Common

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