Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's in a Day? (...57)

Here's how my day went today:
  • 6am:  35 mile bike ride
  • 8am:  multi-egg omelet with cheese, broccoli, peppers, rice cakes on the side, and coffee...yum
  • 10am to 12:  a few visitors, research work (for the biz venture!)
  • 12:45: lunch with a longtime pal, amazing triathlete, and 6 month pregnant friend, Julia!
  • 3pm:  purchased 2 pillows for my porch from Marshall's where I got a great deal because some thread was coming lose on the covers.  I'll make my own zippered cushion covers with outdoor fabric...I'm realizing foam inserts are waaaayyyyy too expensive ($64/yard!) so buying discount pillows and recovering makes more sense.
  • 4:30pm:  watched tutorials on how to use CodeIgniter, a web application "that helps you write incredible PHP programs."  I hope it gives incredible help to write helpful programs, because I am feeling a lot bewildered so far.
  • 6:45 to 8:45pm:  biz venture meeting
  • 10:30:  Now, I'm headin' to bed in order to rise early so I can swim in lovely Walden Pond...

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