Monday, May 16, 2011

Want to Work from Home? YES (...67)

Recently my mother sent me this article:  "Want to Work from Home?  Find Your Element." by Tsh Oxenreider.   My mom sends me several a week (hi mom!).  Reading this one was good timing for me because it's exactly what's on my mind.  I'm enjoying doing my own projects enough that I'm wishing for some way (any way!) to work from home, for myself, on my own business.  But how to earn a living doing this? I don't know.

The article's message is simple:  Find your element, and you can make money doing it.  It's also a familiar message:  "Do What you Love, Money will Follow" is a two decades old book about harnessing your talents and desires to create your vocation.  But it's not an easy concept to put into action.

Your element, according to Oxenreider, is the area where what you enjoy doing and what you are skilled at doing come together.  Of course, these things have to come together in a productive way...earning a living is the goal after all.  If committing to your own interests and talents can turn into a career why is it such a struggle to do?  Can it also get me a 401K, health insurance plan, and job security?  I think it's possible, but it's hard to feel confident in this idea just yet.

I'm still exploring what I'm interested in pursuing most, of all my interests.  Perhaps one will stand out that I'd like to master.  Or, maybe it's a matter of doing many of the things I'm interested in to create a distinct occupation for myself.  When there is so much pressure to get a job it is a challenge to feel like this type of self-exploration, especially in my mid thirties, is valuable, or even acceptable.  In moments I feel like the best action would be to take a job in my field as soon as possible.  But in other moments, I feel sure I'm interested in failing miserably at trying to create a career out of what I love to do, than doing work I can't put myself into.


  1. Hi Regina, I see an interest in cookies and other baked goods, tasting, baking and writing about them...Plus you seem to love healthy but tasty, delicious food. Could there be the next Rachel Ray/ Paula Deen, etc., albeit for athletes hidden in you? The food channel needs a new face... food for sophisticated triathletes and power hikers. Energy bars could use some improvement too. How about something for super active baby boomers (Grand Canyon Rim to Rim) with let's say: somewhat delicate intestines? Keep searching. Love your blog.
    Daniela O'Toole,AZ

  2. Suddenly the bright lights of hollywood are in my out Rachel Ray! haha I think I'd like to incorporate these interests in my next career, perhaps in a very direct way or maybe as a side business somehow. It's fun thinking about what is possible, but also intimidating to be aware of a looming deadline. Thanks for your thoughts!