Thursday, May 12, 2011

Caulking-gun Makes Caulking-fun (...71)

sandpaper, cloth, bowl of water, caulk, caulking-gun
This afternoon I did a longstanding repair job in my bathroom - filling in the cracks around the floor molding.  Anybody can do this chore, it's easy as pie and incredibly satisfying to see the clean, pretty results.  Before using caulk to do some work on my bathroom when I renovated it a year ago I didn't know that caulk is the secret to making a room look like it was finished by a professional.  It can fix a whole bunch of ratty, gappy, wonky, icky, ugly surface problems in your house.  I dig this stuff:

All you need for a little job like this is shown in the picture above: sandpaper to remove loose paint, caulk, a caulking-gun, cloth, and a bowl of water.  My method is to apply a bead of caulk along the area I want to finish, take a piece of cloth around my finger, dampen it in the bowl, and then press my finger along the caulk joint to smooth it out from one end to the other.  Once the caulk is cured and hardened, you can topcoat and it looks beau-ti-ful:


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