Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trombones (...76)

"76 Trombones led the big parade..."  It's day 76 of the Ruskin Project countdown and what pops into my head when I hear this number is the main song from the musical play The Music Man, "76 Trombones."  This is an appropriate song for today's drive home from New Jersey when my car began making odd beeping and buzzing sounds.  Listen up:

Not only were there unspecified sounds but the overhead light spontaneously turned on and could not be turned off, the radio wouldn't remain on one station, instead it scanned perpetually, and the car would no longer lock automatically.

Overhead light on while driving at night makes for very poor visibility!

Sister creating clever shield with paper and hand so I could see the road...

Obviously some type of an electrical problem (I think...).   Or, my car has developed a case of The Love Bug.  Time for a check up.

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