Thursday, May 5, 2011

World's Shortest Taco Tour (...78)

 To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I went to The World's Largest Taco Tour in Manchester, NH.  It was supposed to be 5 to 9pm.  Each restaurant had these colorful posters with a number to text your vote for the best Taco.  A fun way to celebrate the holiday!  All of Manchester was out in droves roaming the streets and in line for Tacos.  By 6pm most vendors had run out of dough for their tortillas!  So we headed to get pizza at a favorite place, 900 Degrees
Even without the proper celebratory food, a gal can't go wrong on Cinco de Mayo if she's got a handsome Bandito by her side.

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  1. A handsome bandito, indeed, and her 10 gallon hat!