Tuesday, May 10, 2011

99% Lallygagging, 1% Focus (...73)

99% Lallygagging, 1% Focus...I'll hang on to that 1%.  Mental fatigue sets in pretty fast when I job search online.  I could only take so much of it today.  A few hours into work researching, I moved on to a few disruptive habits:  channel flipping (gasp!!), website surfing (not so terrible, depending on the sites, but I can quickly get lost in the NY Times Home & Garden section), and magazine reading (Fast Company and LAVA).  As well as a few calming habits:  cooking (polenta!) and exercising (killer mat workout by TA!).  Here's where the 1% focus comes in...Today I started research to prep for a meeting with a friend of mine with whom I'm working on a potential online business.  This got my full attention.  I'm so excited about having an interesting project that uses some of my skills but also provides a great deal of challenges to problem-solve and opportunities to gain experience.  I'm not sure at what time today I stopped being idle and started to zone in on this new project, but once I got going it was all I could think about.  That's a good feeling to have when it can feel like these laid off days lack order.

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