Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sewing! (...79)

I took a sewing class last year in order to copy my favorite cross-body summer bag.  I absolutely loved the process: creating my own pattern, cutting and prepping the fabric, and discovering tips to make it look like a pro's handiwork.  Sewing is a perfect combo of technical and creative work.  You can't not be engrossed in it and the end product is rewarding.

Tonight I'm doing a repair job on a tie, not an "O'Toole Original," just a little fix for a friend.

After making the bag in my class, I became hooked on sewing aprons.  Here are my first two, worn by my lovely models.

And just recently I made this baby blanket!  I copied the pattern from a blog my mother discovered.  It's such an easy pattern and a good gift.  So much more enjoyable than shopping for one.

The original blanket would have been 3 inches wider and longer than the finished product, but I made several mistakes and had to keep cutting off "problem areas."  As a beginner sewer I'm still learning the tricks of this craft.

I've purchased way too much fabric at this point! Since taking my class,  It's hard to resist the variety of patterns and colors!  Many, many yards of striped fabric are now tucked away in my bureau drawer, along with winter weight houndstooth patttern wool and a few solid grays and blues.  I'd been wondering when I'd ever have time to use all of it.  Watch out, Martha...I've been laid off and who knows what I'll create with all this time on my hands.

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