Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Training Weekend (...59) (aka 63, 62, 61 recap)

This past weekend I spent three days triathlon training in Waterville Valley, NH.  With about 60 other teammates I conquered two mountains on Friday, climbing approximately 6,000 feet of elevation. That's not easy, but it's a heck of a fun challenge for the legs and head.  Since it's been more than a year since my last century ride, my thoughts included a lot of doubt.  We lucked out with mostly sunny weather and only two short lived rain storms.  Unfortunately the first downpour started at the top of "The Kank," requiring me to muster up all my courage for a 10 mile descent.  Part of the picture above shows some of the group, after the descent, attempting to warm up with food and drink after being drenched and chilled at the top of the mountain.

Halfway mark, stopping for a bagel and some biker brew: coke

The start of a 10 mile ride to the top of "The Kank"
For me, the total mileage for the weekend was 145 miles biking and 11 miles running.  No swimming since the area isn't conducive to it.  Others in the group did over 200 miles on the bike.  Woweeeeee!  This weekend's training renewed my love for long miles on the road.  I found myself dreaming of a possible Fall Ironman...If only that dream aligned with my career goals.  Or could it?

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